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Approaching IRANIAN Translator(s) and Translation(s) Studies

These are simple "Texts" to be translated and analyzed in the class in addition to the book, we work on; the students should prepare the translation of these texts for the next session.

The process which student must take to do the translation is explained below:

1- They must read the complete text, highlighting the difficult-to-understand parts.

2- They must think on difficult parts and try to understand them logically, comparing the meaning other parts of text to find out whether they go the right path.

3- After understanding all difficult parts, they should search for their equivalences.

4- They should translate the text.

5- They should read their translation to edit it, while comparing their translation with Source Text.

6- They should proofread their translations.

The texts are selected for students' dual-uses based on their interests; first to become aware of TS more extensively; second, to practice translation anyway.

Note1: Absentees must translate more to compensate their absence.

Texts to be translated will be announced later.

Note2: If the quality of the translations is considered acceptable, they will be planned for publication in future, after editing, under supervisor and students’ name.

Note: The students MUST bring the paper or Word drafts.

You can download the file here:

Some students called me and said the link below does not work; but I tried and it was downloaded! of Translation Studies2.rar

Here you should lick Request Download Ticket, then enter the Captcha and in next step you can download the file.

or here

Or You can search in and find the book again

 1- Miss Tajik to translate and anaylse theses two short texts for two courses:

Psycholinguistci and Cognitive Approaches, by Sandra Halverson, pp.211-217

Think-aloud Protocols, by Riita Jaaskelainen, pp. 290-294

title : Pathways to Translation : Pedagogy and Process Translation Studies ; 3 author : Kiraly, Donald C. publisher : Kent State University Press. Translating and interpreting--Study and teaching, Language and languages--Study and teaching, Psycholinguistics. 1995.


2- Mrs. Azadkhani to translate and anaylse theses two short texts for two courses:

Literary Translation, by Francis Jones, pp. 152-157

Drama Translation, by Gunilla Anderman, pp. 92-96


3- Mr.zarif to translate and anaylse theses three short texts for three courses:


Children's Literature, by Gillian Lathey, pp. 31-34

Minority, by Michael Cronin, pp. 169-172

Commercial Translation, by Maeve Olohan, pp. 40-43


4- Ms. Azizi to translate and anaylse theses one short text for Translating Political texts:

Cognition and Translation Didactics"

یک گفتگو (ناصر حریری با دریابندری)/ تهران: کارنامه؛ 1376.


5- Mrs. Mohammad Nejad Beidokht to translate and anaylse these one short text for Translating Political texts:

Censorship, by Francesca Billiani, pp. 28-31

6- Ms. Eshtad Cultural Translation, by Kate Sturge, pp. 67-70

7- Ms. Barati Culture, by David Katan, pp.70-74

8- Ms. Pordel Sociological Approaches, by Moira Inghilleri, pp. 279-282

Ms. Tamadoni Nejad Advertising, by Ira Torresi, pp. 6-10

Ms. Khodadadi Publishing Strategies, by Terry Hale, pp. 217-222

Ms. Donyadar Asylum, by Moira Inghilleri, pp. 10-13

Ms. Razavi Ideology

Ms. Ramezani Institutional Translation

Ms. Zare Models

Ms. Zarei Norms

Ms. Qanbari Call me Please!

Ms. Vallaee Polysystem

Mr. Musavi Semiotics and Rewriting

Mr. Farkhonde Quran by Hassan Mustapha

Ms. Kuhestani Gender and Sexuality

Mrs. Hasani Globalization

Ms.Irani Universals

Other Resources:

Mrs. Aqebati Call me for your project, please.

Students can find the equivalents of the special terms here:

The Translation of The Dictionary of Translation Studies by Dr.Tajvidi and Dr.Farahzad and Mazdak Bolouri ; Yalda Qalam Publication

عنوان و نام پديدآور : فرهنگ توصیفی اصطلاحات مطالعات ترجمه/ تالیف شاتلورت و کاوی ؛ مترجمان فرزانه فرح‌زاد، غلامرضا تجویدی، مزدک بلوری.
‏مشخصات نشر : تهران: یلداقلم، ۱۳۸۵.

Or email me or post here a comment about your problems about everything regarding translation or equivalents and so on.

Mrs. Shirazian: to summarize the interesting book called The Translator’s Mission (Or Resalate Motarjem); Interview with Mohammad Qazi, A Novel Translator by Erfan Qaneifard.

The book can be bought from Sadi St; the Book Mall; Khatere or its next shop.

In case other students chooses to summarize a book, s/he should Notice me by sending me message or calling me; and other are not allowed to do the same job.

Those who are or were absent in the classes

MUST call me before this term examination period,

unless their final scores would be zero.

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